Sustainable Industries

Aircraft Fueling Hoses and Components - 5 year contract capture and execution with OEM partner.

Custom built extrusion line for private client.

Water pressure reduction station - Camp Pendleton

Company Certifications and Licensing:
US-Canada JCP: 0059075 / CA Contractor’s License #969777
CA SB/DVBE: 1182540 (CPUC VON)  
VA Certified SDVOSB / San Diego ELBE / SLBE

Systems Design and Integration
We believe the US has the best manufacturing capabilities in the world. At SI we focus on integrating US manufactured products with proven, cutting edge technologies to create evolutionary systems to meet the water, power and fuel needs of our clients. Using this approach we have designed and delivered products ranging from off-grid filtration systems to military grade fueling systems.

Value Added Reselling
SI utilizes a proven network of US manufacturers to source high quality OEM components for distribution and assembly. Although broad reaching in sourcing ability, we focus in aviation, power, water and fuel systems components. We have sourced $8 million in contracted services and supplies for our clients in engineering, construction and manufacturing.

Government Sales Development
SI operates as an outside sales team and contract manager for large / small original equipment manufacturers (OEM.) We leverage our military and aviation experience to effectively expand markets for OEMs and develop sales through government contracts without increasing OEM overhead. We have introduced multiple OEM items into the government contracting chain, obtained source manufacturing approval and capturing over $30 million in sales for our clients.

Project and Contract Management
Our team maintains deep project management experience in engineering, procurement, manufacturing, aviation, construction and shipping to effectively execute complex, large contracts. Our leadership successes include $50 million in manufacturing and export contracts, $6 million in military engineering and construction contracts and executing 80+ federal contracts as a prime contractor.